Welcome to 3rdSectorHost.com

3rdSectorHost provides free dedicated hosting solutions for qualified non-political groups and organizations. While it is not required that you register your domain name through us, we appreciate it as the small amount of revenue we earn from it helps cover some of our costs. Please review our site to see if your group or organization qualifies, and get started with efficiently managing your non-profit website hosting today!

Our hosting services provide fully featured domain hosting for your organization. Features include:

The Basics:
Unlimited space and more of everything else than most websites will ever needYou can use almost any program to create your website. Most popularly used are: Dreamweaver, WordPress, and Joomla.
More Detailed:
  • Unlimited server space*
  • Unlimited bandwidth **
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • 100 email accounts
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • PHP 7
  • Password-protected directories available
  • Full control-panel access (We use DirectAdmin on our servers)
  • SSL/HTTPS – we do not provide hosting for your own secure SSL certificate, however, we do provide free sub-folders under our own secure server. The URL would be https://secure.3rdsectorhost.com/yourname/ and you can put any files you need to within that folder and link to/from your main site. Note that if you’re accepting donations through a third-party website such as Paypal, this isn’t necessary anyway since the transaction is processed on their website, not yours.
More Geeky:
  • All hosting is on LAMP: Debian, Apache 2.x, MySQL 5.x, PHP 7.x
  • Currently PHP 7.2
  • PHP modules: OpenSSL, CURL, GD, TrueType, mcrypt
  • .htaccess support
  • Optional Full DNS zone control through DirectAdmin
  • Port 25 or 587 supported for SMTP (authentication IS required on both)
  • POP and IMAP both supported
  • Shared IP only – no dedicated IP hosting available
  • SSH2 supported (port 3322)
  • Web-based apps provided:
    • -DirectAdmin (for hosting, email, DNS, database, password management)
    • -PHPMyAdmin
    • -RoundCube webmail
    • -Squirrelmail webmail

* All content must be legal and linked to the site. For example: please don’t upload your whole music or movie collection!

** Unlimited bandwidth is provided with the assumption that your site will not negatively impact other websites hosted by us