Who Qualifies?

3rdSectorHost will provide free website hosting services for any group or organization that meets the following requirements:

  1. Obtains most of its funding through donations or member contributions
  2. Is non-political in its primary nature (i.e. no ballot initiatives, etc…)
  3. Does not sell merchandise from it’s website except for fundraising purposes.

Frequently asked points regarding qualification requirements:

  • 501c3 status is not required
  • Religious entities are allowed
  • Domain registration through us is not required

The only recurring cost for our website hosting service is to register/renew your domain name. You can use a previously registered domain name or register a new one through our website. While it is not required that you register your domain name through us, we appreciate it as the small amount of revenue we earn from it helps cover some of our costs. During the sign-up process you can choose how you plan to manage/purchase your domain name; your decision of whether to register through us or through another company does not affect the approval process.